About St Stephen’s Volunteers

We rise by lifting others.

St Stephen’s School’s motto defines our community as one that will ‘Serve God, Serve One Another’. Service is one of the School’s five core values, and is central to all that we do.

This has seen the implementation and growth of our highly-regarded Service Learning program, which provides our community with opportunities to assist people in need.

We believe an interest and commitment to the wellbeing of others develops mature, independent and caring people.

This commitment varies from homeroom activities at School and service embedded in the existing curriculum to volunteering through the School’s connected network of government and community organisations at a local, national and international level.

The power of volunteering has been proven to go well beyond the benefits enjoyed by those in need.

Volunteering is a way to connect with others, is good for your mind and body, can improve your skill set and bring fulfilment to your life.

Our Service Learning and volunteering opportunities are available to students and staff, but also parents and family members.

We encourage the wider community to engage their passion for service.

“Being involved in the schools volunteering programs gives me a chance to get to know the teachers and the other volunteers out of the school environment, whilst doing something useful for the community.

If also allows me to reflect on how very blessed we are to be able to give back and that in some small way that we can lighten the load, even for a short time, for those that are on different journey to ourselves.”

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St Stephen's School Parent

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How we’ve helped

We have a wide range of worthy causes to help the community. All you need to do is be willing to donate some time, a monetary gift, or your compassion. Here are just some of our recent volunteer events generously supported by students, staff, and parents.

Want to be a valued part of our next volunteer event? Contact us.

August 2018: St Stephen’s students volunteer to prepare and pack meals for the homeless and needy.

November 2018: Parents and students help raise funds outside Bunnings for The Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal.

January 2019: A beach cleanup effort by our ocean-loving volunteers and students at Cottesloe Beach.