Give Betty A New Lease On Life



Our beloved caravan ‘Betty’ came into our lives a while back now. Her acquisition came with a vision of turning her simple shell into a lovely refurbished caravan to deliver food to those less fortunate in the northern suburbs.

As the story always goes, after lots of work by students and dedicated staff, time got in the way and Betty had been put on the backburner for a while but we’re excited to say she’s back and we’re eager to finish her snazzy design so those in need can meet, and benefit from Betty’s giving nature.

We have a list of things that Betty still needs done below and would love to host a few busy bees with our community who can help to bring Betty back to life.

Fix ceiling ½ sheet 3ply
Fix Door Frame Already have timber/fittings
Make window frames, cut plastic for windows, paint frames, assemble and install windows Timber for window frames.
Finish fridge access panel mounting
Electrical – external lights wired in
Clean and seal floor
Prep and paint inside More white paint
Build servery lifting screen, install We have here
Build and paint cabinetry Melamine sheets
Get Kitcraft Kitchens back in to measure up for fitout – they do the kitchen fitout  
Install lino flooring, skirting Lino and skirting
Prep and paint outside of Betty Suitable paint

* Some jobs could be done at same session, some would need more than 1 session – time and numbers dependant etc….

If you would like to lend a hand, provide materials or help in any way, please email